Easy Organizing Ideas

Let’s face it – with the busy lives and crazy schedules we often have to keep, suddenly we turn around and see our home in a state of disorganization and disarray.  Here are some great storage ideas that will surely help you get back in control of your home or brilliantly organize a living space with little storage.  Feel free to share this around … your friends and family will thank you.


1. Use a Rail in Your Sink Cabinet for Cleaning Products




2.Use a Magnetic Rack to Store Knives




3. Use Tension Curtain Rods as a Divider for Cupboards





4. Store Foil, Saran Wrap, and Wax Paper Rolls Inside of a Magazine Rack





5. Use a Magazine Rack to Store Pot Lids






Short curtain rods work, too.





6. Hang Pots and Pans on the Ceiling


Pictured: a salvaged sled.


7. Attach Magnetic Spice Racks to the Side of Your Fridge





8. Utilize Wall Space to Hang Utensils



Here's another example using a pegboard.



9. Use a Deep Kitchen Drawer to Store Utensils Vertically




10. Supplement Your Fridge Storage







You could also use these pull-out baskets to group things together, like fruits.







11. Keep Bulk Items in Stackable Bins/Drawers






12. Attach Undershelves in a Cabinet to Take Advantage of Vertical Space





13. Hang Boots with pant hangers.







14. Hang Shoes on the Wall Using Crown Molding




15. Label Your Hangers


A good idea if you have multiple items of similar-looking clothing.



16. Turn Your Hangers to Find Out What You Really Wear








17. Use Divider Shelves to Store Sweaters




18. Hang Belts and Ties on a Sliding Rack





19. Hang Eyewear on a Hanger



Or make a sweet little display with a sturdy ribbon and a headscarf.



20. Use Shower Curtain Hooks to Hang Handbags



21. Use Command Hooks to Hang Jewelry on the Inside of a Closet Door



Command hooks are sticky adhesive hooks that require no screws or nails.


22. Store Shoes with One Facing Forwards and the Other Facing Backwards


You'll use less space this way. This works most efficiently when the forward toe is the right shoe and the backward toe, the left.



23. Cut Up a Pool Noodle and Place in Boots to Keep Them Upright



Keep your boots from falling over in your closet and taking up valuable floor space.



24. Store Matching Sheets Inside of Their Pillowcases






25. Attach Tweezers to the Inside of a Bathroom Cabinet with a Magnet





26. Use a Magnetic Rack to Store Hygiene Tools






27. Store Your Hair Appliances with PVC Pipe Attached to the Inside of a Cabinet




Or use a sturdy magazine file box .







28. Make Bathroom Wall Storage out of Mason Jars and Picture Hangers




29. Use Glass Bottles to Store Bracelets and Ponytail Holders





Or you could use a paper towel holder if you are worried about glass falling and breaking.



30. Put All Your Makeup into One Magnetic Palette







31. Put a Shelf Over Your Bathroom Door for the Stuff You Don't Need Regular Access To



Cleaning supplies, extra towels, bulk items, etc.



32. Hang Baskets on Rails to Store Towels and Shower Supplies






33. DIY Magnetic Makeup Board




34. Make a Pressing Surface to Replace Your Ironing Board




35. Use a Shoe Organizer to Store Cleaning Supplies






36.  Put your Washer and Dryer on a Shelf



Take advantage of vertical storage by using the space BELOW the washer and dryer. You could also install drawers.


37. Hange a Ladder from the Ceiling for Air Drying Clothes



38. Use Cables to Store Balls






39. Hang a Pegboard with Movable Hooks to Organize Kids' Sports Gear






40. Separate Nails, Screws, Batteries and Other Small Items in Jars



Nail the lids to a bottom of a shelf and screw the jars in.


 41. Store Bins on the Ceiling





42. Coffee Canisters to Store Yarn



This crafter cemented the cans together, and then reinforced them by taping strips of cardboard to the back. The structure is then nailed to the wall.


43. Use the IKEA Grundtal System to Organize Crafts




This IKEA series is normally reserved for kitchenware, but it looks modern and can store ribbons and jars for art supplies as well.


44. Display Supplies on a Pegboard





45. Choose an Ottoman with Storage


You can keep extra game controllers, remote controllers, and other random things in here.


46. Put Unsightly DVDs in Boxes



A DVD is 8"x6" so choose a box with the right dimensions.


47. Label Your Cords






48. Store Vinyl Records, Books, etc under a Bench or Window Seat





49. Get a cable organizer.




You could also hang a kitchen basket under a shelf or a desk.


50. Mark and Label Everything!

Use chalkboard paint labels to mark reusable containers.










You could also hang nametags on bins and baskets.



51. Cut Up Shoe Holders and Attach to the Inside of Cabinets for Extra Organization


Not the most attractive solution, but it's out of plain view. And you can label them with a sharpie or stickers.


51. Organize a Junk Drawer with Altoid Tins





52. Repurpose!



Reuse paint cans, tins, mason jars, and plastic containers to store small things. There are so many creative ways to repurpose them. Shown: paint cans covered in fabric.


Spice tins as storage.



Paint yogurt containers and use as office supply holders. You can also follow this tutorial on how to remove the print on plastic containers.


Turn a globe into a display bowl.


Repurpose a shutter into a magazine rack.