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Apr 12, 2017

Blog posted by Jan Campbell Views (580)

Housing prices are continuing to skyrocket and the real estate market is the hot topic of conversation everywhere.  Tell someone you are a Realtor© and you are guaranteed a 15 minute conversation with a perfect stranger about people they know who have sold... [ read more ]

Depression - it's not just a bad day....

Aug 14, 2014

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Just reflecting on the tragic death of Robin Williams….  I believe that people are put on this earth to connect, impact and influence us all.  You don’t have to be famous to make a difference in someone’s life.  The fact that such a... [ read more ]

What is the normal volume of amps that an electrical panel should have?

Nov 1, 2013

Expert Question posted by Glenn Dilts Views (308)

 Hi Elaine A normal electrical panel is 100 amps, this is more than sufficient for most homes. However there a some homes built with an upgraded 200 amp electrical panel. [ read more ]

Are You Facing A Setback?

Nov 27, 2012

Blog posted by Jan Campbell Views (1504) (1 comments)

Are You Facing A Setback?   Setbacks are a part of life.  The next time you’re facing a setback, here are a few stories about people who used a setback as a set-up for a comeback.   Lucille Ball:  She began studying to become an actress... [ read more ]


Feb 24, 2012

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Take a look at the following link and dream of what can be.... a beautiful home in the prestigious gated community of Shoreline, located near Freeport, Grand Bahama.  Please feel free to explore the homes on my website ...ID#;s: 27251, 27266 and 27268. ... [ read more ]

12 Things that Happy People Do

Dec 9, 2011

Blog posted by Jan Campbell Views (1392)

Studies conducted by positivity psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky point to 12 things happy people do differently to increase their levels of happiness. These are things that we can start doing today to feel the effects of more happiness in our lives. (Check out her... [ read more ]

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